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These movies have some of the sexiest sex scenes ever.

Articles about sex scenes in books usually fail in one of 3 ways. They often: Give such a short love scene that you’re begging for more but can’t find a longer

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A list of mainstream movies that apparently contain real sex scenes.

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May 03, 2012 · I posted before about “real sex” in mainstream movies [ Real sex in mainstream movies and Mainstream Movies Featuring Real Sex ].

Heat up your winter with these Netflix movies, which feature sexy enough scenes to basically burn your eyeballs.

“Mulholland Drive” You could argue, in a way, that David Lynch‘s “Mulholland Drive” is almost entirely a sex scene — a fevered, guilt-ridden masturbation

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We’ve collected a list of the most awkward sex scenes in movies, ranging from the hilarious to the embarrassing, cringe-worthy, and hard to watch.

Swinger sex warming up teens’ cocks and pussies

Sex in film is the motion picture presentation of sexuality and love scenes, while an erotic film is one that has an erotic quality intended to create sexual feelings

Aug 07, 2012 · You asked for it and here’s the part 2 of Explicit sex scenes from mainstream movies and celebrities , a new selection of the best e

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