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Safe Teen Passengers

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Passenger Safety. We will be the first to say that if you’re struggling with your ’s safety seat, you’re not alone! With the daily demands of

For 100 years, the National Safety Council has been the leading safety advocate preventing unintentional injuries and death. Have questions? Visit our FAQs or contact us.

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Use these tips to teach your s how to stay safe when riding in a car or on a college bus.

Info for Parents, Teen Drivers and Their Passengers With tighter restrictions on teen drivers and the need for them and their passengers to be safe,

Transportation Established public carriers—trains, buses, and commercial airlines—are the safest and most comfortable way for groups to travel.

TeenDriving.com promotes safe driving for teens and new drivers and is the number one ranked teen driving site on the web. It features hundreds of driving tips

DMV Commissioner’s Advisory Committee on Teen Safe Driving Teen-Parent Driver Agreement Teen-Parent Driving Agreements are a proven way to raise

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RESOURCES FOR EDUCATORS. New Auto Insurance Teaching Module for Teen Drivers Insurance 101 for Teen Drivers is an interactive classroom presentation module that helps

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Nearly everyone has an Amtrak story—some good, some bad, some ugly—and with the company’s four decades of moving passengers to all corners of the country via

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Follow our safety tips for teen drivers to help ensure you don’t hurt yourself or others and also keep your car insurance rates low.

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