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Mind Body And Kick Ass

Jul 02, 2012 · Don’t fool yourself, if someone asks you to make a speech at their wedding, it’s important … that you don’t bomb. I know this from experience as I had to

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the human body is more magnificent than you have previously been taught. here are 5 mind blowing facts about your body

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Jason Momoa is so perfect for America. It’s like his body was carved out of the oldest oak tree in the land, then given a blood transfusion from the wildest coyote

Women Wrestlers Who Can Kick Your Ass Smokin’ bodies, tiny outfits, and the ability to knock a full-grown man on his back with one kick—what’s not to love about

It’s the time of year where it seems everyone is either sick or on the verge of getting sick. Blame it on the stale air floating around those airplane rides home

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Great posting! Breakups are hard. They hurt. I give myself 7 days. Seven days to mourn, daydream, rant, kick, scream, regret, toss out old stuff, sell the valuable

Feel better, eat better, live better. Now is the time to get healthy. Redbook’s expert editors share their health advice.

“It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.†“Let us live so that when we come to die even the undert

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Private Coaching. With just the right mix of loving support, innovative techniques, and kick-ass motivation, we work one-on-one to explore, heal, create, and activate

Partner A holds both ends of the resistance band, with the loop hanging loosely behind body. Partner B will act as the anchor, holding the loop and stepping back

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