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Ethnic Cleansing Today

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What this picture means to me: The photograph that captured the beginning of ethnic cleansing in Bosnia.

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Ethnic Cleansing is a process in which advancing army of one ethnic group expels civilians of other ethnic groups from towns and villages it conquers in order to

The definition of ethnic is someone or something associated with a particular subgroup that has a shared national original, cultural identity or race.

Feb 17, 2013 · Video embedded · czech brutality against german civilians, czech savagery towards germans beneš called in May 1945 in Prague to completely liquidate the Germans in the

BANISHED tells the story of three counties that violently expelled African American families from their towns a century ago–and the descendants that return to learn

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Politico bemoans white Southerners whom the magazine accuses of preventing the U.S. from being more like Britain, Canada and other liberal democracies.

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Gruesome New Details on The Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar No One Is Talking About. By Robbie Gramer Robbie Gramer is a staff writer at Foreign Policy.

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May 10, 2017 · Planning policy urged to stop ‘ethnic cleansing’ of communities

Even such precise terms as “Albanian,” “Maghrebi” and “Chinese” should be excluded from news reports, the association contends, because “today, they are

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From George Washington through Ulysses S. Grant, U.S. presidents followed a relentless policy of removing Native Americans from their lands. President Andrew Jackson

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