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Emotional Sex

Sets of attributes, including attitudes, personality traits, abilities, interests, and behaviors that are defined as appropriate for each sex.

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Sep 05, 2011 · Why Women Cheat. Most women have affairs for very different reasons than men.

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Your depression may be caused by emotional . Read about the symptoms and learn how your partner might be undermining your self-esteem.

John Ruskan’s holistic, self-help psychotherapy for emotional release, healing, wellness and personal spiritual growth.

Emotional affair definitions are difficult to judge on your own. How do you know if your spouse is having an emotional affair or just making a close friend?

When emotional and mental well-being is compromised, other parts of our lives suffer as well. Learn how to care for your emotional health at Everyday Health.

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Can women have sex with a man and not get emotionally involved? And when is the right time to have sex with someone you meet…? Is there a right time?

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Emotional affair? I thought affairs meant extramarital sex! He tells me they’re just friends. Am I being too possessive? Can’t I have friends of the opposite sex?

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