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Cute Stuff Toys

Kawaii (かわいい, [kaw͍aiꜜi], “lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable”) is the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture. It has become a prominent aspect

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Stuff on My Cat is your daily resource for funny cat pictures and interesting stuff on your cat

Infectuously Cute Plush Microbes! Plush toys for people who love science. Great gag gift – “I gave you herpes!” Choose from many cells, diseases, and viruses.

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Bring comfort & security to your s and get them to sleep quickly using cute stuffed s with inner organic rice-filled heat packs that warm up in the microwave.

From a pregnant doll to a shaving baby, meet 10 of the most bizarre japanese toys we’ve seen. (weird toys, strange toys)

Wide variety of plush toys from a giant 7 1/2 foot bear to jungle, domestic, and marine stuffed toys of all sizes.

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What do you get when you have a really cute teen who discovers big toys for the first time? You get Marisol from FTV teens, the fun loving brand new latin model who

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PagePlugins.com is THE place to get all of the myspace generators and flash toys you could ever need for use on Myspace, friendster, Hi5, Myeeos, your website

Offbeat and unusual games, cartoons, art and comment.

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Our little collection of interesting and fun zombie toys & accessories. If you have a birthday coming up or just want a little zombie in your life, check put

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